Website owners can now check their rankings in every search engine through domain authority.

What is domain authority?

Domain Authority, developed by Moz, is the score that is usually seen on a scale of 100 points which helps in knowing how a website will rank on every search engine. The Moz domain authority serves as a tool which identifies the strength of the website as time passes by.

Does domain authority matter in SEO?

Does domain authority matter when we talk about SEO? The answer is Yes.

Domain authority is important since it helps in scoring the ranking of the website. When a site is SEO optimized, it can easily create an impact on the domain authority especially when backlinks are included in your site.

How is Domain Authority scored?

Domain authority is scored using the logarithmic scale which is a 0 to 100 points range. An easy score for domain authority is 20 to 30 since it can be quickly improved. However, the difficult score in domain authority is the 70 to 80 because you will experience struggles in making it increase and the progress of your domain authority can slow down.

Why Increase DA?

When it comes to manually altering your domain authority, there is no other way that you can make it possible since you cannot change it on your own. On the other hand, you need to increase your domain authority since it is one of the easiest ways that you can make your website change its ranking on search engines. To surge your domain authority, you only have to post high quality of contents and focus on internal links.

Some Factors of DA

In order to calculate domain authority, there are more than 40 signals that are being taken into consideration but here are some of the most important.

MozRank – This is the metric utilized in scoring the website’s strength when external links are the matter. It does not only count the links that direct to your site but it also analyzes its quality. 3 are the normal score that MozRank gives to the website.

Linking Root Domains – This computes the number of unique backlinks which the website has gained. With the help of backlinks, your site can have a change in its ranking.

Quality Content – This is one of the keys where the rankings of the websites are based. When your website has quality contents, expect that you can have an increase in your ranking.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is one of the factors that also help in calculating the rankings. When your website is optimized and user-friendly, it affects the calculation.

MozTrust – This is the metric that helps in identifying if your external links have quality or not. When your site is linked to trusted websites such as .gov and .edu, it means that your site is trustworthy.

Another fact about DA is that when your domain authority is high, you can expect a high ranking which will lead to gaining more traffic. Also, you cannot make your DA increase in an instant because it does not happen overnight.

How to Check DA for a website?

In order to check domain authority, you only have to access the open site explorer, (OSE of Moz) and paste the URL of your website in the box provided. Once entered, it will provide results of your website’s ranking.

Steps to Increase Website’s Domain Authority

Ensure about your On-Page SEO

  • On-Page SEO optimization technique is another way of making a site optimized. Some of the factors are keyword density, page titles, and placement of keywords. To have an increase in your DA, you must stop keyword stuffing which is not good for your site.
Strong Internal Links

  • Having strong internal links helps since it can give benefits to you and the search engines. Link your posts to each other because it can help in making your recent post enticing and useful. Link your recent posts to the old contents that you have posted because it can easily help the search engine locate your content. With strong internal links, search engines and the consumers can effortlessly navigate the site.
Disavow Toxic or Bad backlinks

  • Web sites with bad backlinks may have a hard time having their DA improved since it affects the scores. When a site has bad backlinks, it may drop its spot in the SERPs.
Produce Quality & Linkable Content

  • “Content is King” and it is true. Publishing high quality of written contents and integrating videos, photos, GIFs, and infographics can make it more interesting. Also, your contents must be distinctive and significant because if not, it may affect your domain authority.
Earn High Quality or Authority Links from more Websites

  • If a site has high domain authority backlinks, the ranking will increase effectively. You just have to create high-quality links and share them to social media and other sites.
Have Patience, let your domain be Authoritative, Reputed or Old

  • Old and Authoritative domains are advantageous because it provides quick results when ranking is the matter.


Improving your domain authority is never easy. Look into how SEO works and it is all about contents. When you focus on your contents, definitely you can become successful in making your domain authority increase and your rankings as well.

6 Steps to Increase your Website’s Domain Authority (DA)